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The Year of the White Star

2016 is the Year of the White Star at Barrel Rider Games! Listed below are the products currently in production for the White Star game line. The release schedule is an approximation and subject to change, but these are just some of the products we’ve got planned for the very near future.

Now Available!


White Star Companion: The White Star Companion introduces a myriad of new options for your White Star campaign. Complete vehicle rules, a complete skill system, a life path system to help develop your character’s background, new classes, new aliens and creatures, tables to randomly generate entire star systems and planets – and so much more!

Rock Star: Sometimes all you need to be a hero is an electric guitar! The Rock Star is a new 10-level class for White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying that brings the noise! This supplement includes the full Rock Star class, new cybernetic enhancements, new starship modifications and a new starship. More than just a spoony bard in the space, the Rock Star has an axe to grind!

Brimling: These diminuitive space pirates trounce around the galaxy in their great solar starships – a plague upon the galaxy. But they’re not after your credits or even your life! The cherubic little swashbucklers are after the finest food in the galaxy, and under the command of their great Cooks, they fill their larders and draw new crewmen to their service by laying a fine table! This supplement offers a full 7-level class, new equipment, a new starship and new starship modifications – the Brimling will make a whimsical addition to your star-faring adventures.

The Hero’s Journey Fantasy Roleplaying: Inspired by Swords & Wizardry WhiteBoxThe Hero’s Journey Fantasy Roleplaying is a stand-alone fantasy roleplaying game. Featuring fourteen classes, six character races, new magic items, new monsters, new magic items, and rules for magical item creation, The Hero’s Journey is designed to give players and referees the simplicity and ease of play of basic editions of other fantasy RPGs while still providing the extended options of more advanced incarnations. Available as both a Pay What You Want PDF and in full color or black and white hardcover!

Coming Soon!

Hands of Steel: Great lumbering machines stride across the battlefield, armed enough firepower to lay waste to entire cities in mere seconds – all at the command of a single pilot. Hands of Steel will include complete rules for introducing mecha into your White Star campaign. In addition to statistics for several basic models and complete combat rules for mechas, this supplement offers players the chance to customize their own mecha and hop into the cockpit! It also includes over 50 modifications for your custom mecha, ten example mechas and a new class: the Mecha Jock!

Ratatoskr: The Star Squirrels: Sure they look cute, but Star Squirrels are easily mistaken for their more mundane counterparts. Wielding squirrel swords and drawing upon the ancient Meditations that come from mastery of the Way of the Acorn, they bring justice to the galaxy. This supplement will include a complete 4-level class, five new Meditations to represent the Star Squirrel’s unique Way of the Acorn, as well as new weaponry wielded by these tiny heroes.

Warriors of Eternity: Inspired by the unique blend of sci-fi and fantasy found in classic cartoons of the 1980s, Warriors of Eternity provides players and referees options to run serialized adventures with heroes wielding fabulous secret powers and facing off against vile necromancers bent on ruling the world! So hold your sword aloft and call upon the power of good, because the Warriors of Eternity must battle for the very fate of the universe. This product is completely compatible with White Star and requires the White Star core rulebook.

Dark Star Rising: Combining a galactic gazetteer and a mega-adventure, Dark Star Rising details the Marnash System of planets and draws the players into the evil legacy of Lord Iscar and his Deathless Commandos. In order to survive and save the galaxy, player characters will have to survive the lawless streets of Andor, capital city of  rocky world of Talamar, discover the secret technology hidden in the Black Pyramid, and save the galaxy from the power of the Dark Star Rising…